Why you succeed at failing

Here’s a picture of me at my worst.

I had spiralled down into absolute failure.
Being self-aware meant that I KNEW I could be doing better — but had to watch, seemingly helpless, as I destroyed myself more and more every day.

This image was part of one of my many failed projects.

I had decided to do a daily self-portrait. I did 6 (including this one).
I can’t tell you how many plans I’ve made, that have failed and never come to fruition.
I didn’t even complete my degree!
I was a failure, destined to never complete anything.

Fast-forward to now.

I’m not perfect.
I still slip up.
But the difference is that I now understand a very important idea that I think may help you too:

Whatever you’re doing every day is what you’re succeeding at.

Whether it’s being unreliable, or being consistent.

Whether it’s eating healthy, or giving in to things that affect you negatively (hi, processed sugar).

Do you really think that the successful consistent people out there were always that way?

Do you think you were always bad at whatever it is you currently feel you are bad at?

I’m pretty sure there was a time you weren’t.
Just like there was a time that many successful and happy people were once in your shoes, if you’re struggling with consistency.

So look at the things you’ve been doing every day.
Zoom in.
Look at the types of thoughts you’ve been giving in to, the types of people you’ve been spending time with, the types of things you’ve been saying.

Just like drugs, “just this one time” is a slippery slope.
Just like sugar, “just this one time” is a path you don’t want to go down.
Anyone who has managed to eat clean for sometime and then suddenly had sugar knows exactly what I’m talking about.
Sugar can sometimes be the devil.

But so can your thoughts.
And your actions.

Are you constantly letting yourself down?
Well, bravo!
That’s what you’ve become good at!
You’ve been practicing so long, that it’s become a part of you.
And it started with that “one time” you thought it would be ok to let yourself down.
A few days in a row.

It’s not that everyone is improving while you aren’t…
It’s that you actually improved skills that harm you, while others made a daily conscious choice to choose habits/skills that served them.

And while it may look like some have it easy, you’re never really going to have the right to say others have it easier than you do, unless you literally live inside their heads for a week.

So wake up…
And stop becoming really good at skills that are only going to hurt you.

I want you to know another very important principle:
Whenever you feel bad or good, the opposite side of the spectrum always feels SO far away.
But it never is.
All it takes is consistent action in the direction you want to go.
Not for 10 years.
Just a few days of consistent action could already have you feeling better than you did yesterday.

Because that’s what matters.
Not the longterm plan.
Not the massive goals.
But the question that we forget to ask:
Is today better than yesterday?

If it is, keep going like this.
If it isn’t, make a small change.

And then one day, you’ll look back and realise that you’ve practiced good habits so much, that they are now an effortless part of you.
All it takes is that first step.

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