Confession from an Ostrich

I have a bad habit of running away and hiding from the people who mean the most to me when I am at my worst, because being an ostrich is my go-to response. Seriously. I’m like “THIS PERSON DESERVES MY BEST – THEREFORE I WILL NOT REPLY UNTIL I AM AT MY BEST”….. you can guess what ends up happening.

I keep logically telling myself: Hello, hi, they would prefer a small dose of replies than complete ghosting….

But my fear gets the best of me. And suddenly I haven’t replied in weeks, or months. Sometimes years.

To be fair, it’s not just one person, but multiple people. And to be fair, I sacrifice self-care as well as friend-care when I’m anxious about work-related deadlines.

But it still sucks to know you adore people, but somehow your actions say otherwise.

I’m learning.

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