So… this is my home on the internet.

You can probably see that I’m doing a bit of refurbishing.  

Unfortunately, the refurbishing may take some time – I’m in the middle of a move from London to Africa that’s taking longer than I want it to.  On top of this, I coach a small number of powerful introverts on dealing with their shadows, vulnerability, and all that other good (or scary) stuff.  Oh, and I’m also a singer-songwriter (14+ years) and photographer (7 years).  Yep… I do lots of things.

So in the mean time, I have solutions for one of the three reasons you might be here:  

1: Here to read an article I spoke about on social media?

Click here to go to my Medium profile, where you’ll find my latest work.  Or, you could start with my most popular article, where I share the things I learned from severe burnout.  Click here to read it. 

2: Want to connect on a deeper level with yourself – and need a hand to do this?

If you are willing to face your fears and get honest with me (and yourself) in an effort to get closer to living your best life – or if you intuitively sense that you need to turn inward to reach the next level of your success, then we may just become BFFs (hint: you can have more than one BFF, so don’t worry – there’s still a slot for Beyonce).

I coach my (mostly introverted) clients on vulnerability, and help them face their shadows for the sake of growth and flux.

Clients say that working with me is like having a mirror put in front of them, without BS and fluff.  Maybe you want to know how to have a more authentic personal brand, or would like me to help you connect to yourself – and others in the process – on a deeper level?

If so, click here for my notorious form, which will allow me to see whether we are a good fit for a (free) discovery call.  

3: Want to hear my music, the Lone Wolf podcast, or just get updates from me on (some) Mondays?

I have a podcast by introverts, for introverts, in the entertainment industry.  I also make emotionally honest music that’s dark and influenced by raw emotion and my love for film.  When I find the time, I also (I told you I do a lot of things!) put out a notoriously infrequent newsletter that some people call the best part of their Monday (I grossly called it Melissa Monday because I love myself).  Sign up below to stay connected!

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