When alignment whispers its name

11 Feb, 2018 | Personal Stuff, The Inner Library

 I spoke to someone on the phone today, who I haven’t spoken to in some time.
Long ago, I had suggested that the career path he was on did not fit the purpose he could achieve.  He has a spark about him that screams leadership, and I felt that the industry he had chosen was far beneath his intellectual and artistic capability and capacity.
During our phone call, he described how he had had to hit rock bottom to be able to realise that the industry really did not care for him in a way he deserved.   But it took a lot of pain – that he was still processing – for him to finally switch paths.

That always happens though.
Whether it’s your brain picking up on subconscious cues, or whether you choose to see it as your guides nudging you – the verbiage is unimportant.
The Universe, life, God, evolution, your gut – whatever you want to call it – something pushes you in a direction that’s completely opposite from the one you think is right for you.  But that word “think” is not a loyal verb, and hasn’t been since its evolutionary purpose melted into office spaces and online interactions – yet we follow its logic all the time for the things we really shouldn’t.  So the winds around us whisper, perhaps in the form of an ad, or an acquaintance, or a film we happen to be watching.
Something in us stirs, but it’s so mild and undetectable that we ignore it – like a child or dog in its purest of wisdom noticing a fire that we can’t sense until it’s too late.
Not now, we say.  Later.  I’m busy.
And so life continues.
And another whisper occurs.  This time, louder.  A stage whisper, telling us that we are living a lie as we continue running down the path we are on.
“Why are you running?” It taunts, now.  Prodding at the things we rather would not see.
We turn to distraction.  False friends, social media, addictive substances, and hurtful people.  Anything to distract us from the child inside us who senses more than we do.
Sometimes it takes us years to become conscious of the fact that our path is no longer for us.  Sometimes, we never find out at all.
The key, I feel, to that welling up of joy in one’s belly, is to study the churning and grinding that occurs in our bodies when something is not quite right.  Whether it’s your career, your lover, your location, or your friends – it should never feel like an uphill battle.  A challenge, sure.  But a war that leaves you defeated and famished more than its flesh will leave you full, well…. that is not a life worth living, dear reader.
Don’t ignore the whispers.
And if the whispers are pulling you towards reconnecting with yourself, maybe I can help.


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