Welcome / Karibu.

Thank you for having a look at my work – I create it with a lot of love.

It’s important to me that my imagery contains a sense of movement, or the feeling that you just walked in on someone being themselves.  I strive to make my imagery look like stills that authentically show who my subjects are.  I want the people I photograph to feel powerful in their vulnerability – I go to great lengths to ensure that people are comfortable both during their sessions, as well as in their photos.  And yes – both images on either side of this text are self-portraits. 

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  1. Scroll down to see 3 themed portfolios of my past work (please be patient with loading times if your internet speeds are slow).  Each image is clickable and can be enlarged.
  2. To learn the difference between luxury & regular photography – or take a look into my mental process when it comes to photography, click here.
  3. Click here for more info on rates, packages, and more.
  4. To learn more about how photography can change your confidence (and your life), click here.
  5. To read some of the kind things my past clients have said, click here.

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