My name is Melissa de Blok, and I am here to help foster self-love.  Whether you need portraits to boost your confidence, showcase the real you, or just want me to capture the love and bonds within your life – I have you covered.  On my blog, I try to help my readers face their shadows, and turn inward so that they can go upward in both their personal and work lives.

I believe with all my heart that (personal) truth is the most important thing in this world, and that vulnerability is a super-power I strive to encourage both qualities in my photographs of clients, while prioritising their comfort and joy over anything else. 

My work tends to appeal to introverted people in the public eye, or anyone who is thoughtful, introspective, sensitive, and creative.  I combine my knowledge and skill in life coaching, branding and performance art (I’m also a musician) with my 8-year international photography career, in order to provide a unique experience for my clients and readers.

Thank you for visiting my website – everything you see here is created with a lot of love (including the website itself). 

PS Every image you see of me – like the first one you just saw – is a self-portrait, unless noted otherwise.  After all:  I have to walk my talk. 😉

PPS Yes, that is Sir Richard Branson.  True vulnerability includes the occasional burst of silliness.  Self-love sometimes means letting your Inner Child out.




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