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Who is this for?

  • Street performers
  • Venue shows
  • Actors/models who happen to be at the Edinburgh Fringe
  • Make-up artists and designers who are on a budget

Why am I doing this?

Quite simple, really.¬† Usually my rates are much higher, but since I am going to the Fringe to support loved ones anyway – I like the idea of being able to photograph performers from around the world,¬†and do it at a rate that’s affordable (just because the location is so central).¬† As a performer myself, I understand that it may be¬† difficult for some to afford my work at my full rate – so I offer this once a year to performers who are skilled enough to put on a Fringe show.¬† I get to bask in your talent, and you get some pretty pictures.¬† Everyone wins.

What’s on offer (and how much does it cost)?

If you’re a street performer:
I’ll shoot one of on of your street performances¬†(under 1 hour)¬†for ¬£250, and give you¬†all¬†the images – as well as 2 headshots/portraits from a 15-min session just before or after the performance.
I’m pretty well-versed with what street performers need from their performance photos, so there’ll be plenty of images of an engaged audience, you looking authoritative and experienced, and of course, you looking your best.

If you’re running a venue show:
I’ll photograph your stage show¬†(max 1 hour)¬†for ¬£250, and give you all the images.
For ¬£350, I’ll also shoot backstage for 30 mins prior to the show (all images delivered to you).
For ¬£650, I’ll do all the above and also photograph a minimum of 2 headshots/portraits for a maximum of 5 cast/crew members¬†(if your show is solo, I’ll include portraits in the backstage package).
Contact me if your cast/crew is much larger.
Please note that for most shows, I prefer to have watched the show once before I can photograph it Рtickets must be provided for both shows.  Transport to and fro must also be provided if the show is not on the Royal Mile (most venues are £5-15 away from the Royal Mile).
As a performer myself, I’m very keen on photographing a show without disturbing the audience. For some shows, I may need access to a variety of locations during the show.¬† For this reason, I may not be able to take on certain venues that aren’t movement-friendly.¬† I also do not use flash, so the lighting needs to have been considered carefully (not usually a problem unless you’re performing in candlelight).

If you’re an actor/model:
I’ll photograph 2-3 looks¬†(make-up or outfits) for under an hour,¬†and leave you with a minimum of 5 edited headshots/portraits for ¬£250.
In most cases, I highly recommend investing in a good make-up artist for these images.
I also recommend wearing neutral non-printed colours, so that all focus and attention is on you (if you’re a model, this may not apply if you need more prints or colours in your portfolio).

If you’re a make-up artist or designer:
I’ll photograph an unlimited amount of looks within an hour for ¬£250, and leave you with 2-3 images of each look (including detail shots).¬† Please note that most images will have minimal editing, so please make sure your model’s skin is of a high standard.

Important notes:¬†(if you book me, I’ll assume you’ve read these)
– Giving me credit for these images is a nice thing to do¬†(but you probably already know that, since you’re a fellow artist).
–¬†Feel free to use these images¬†for both commercial and promotional purposes¬†(though any images taken outside the Fringe Special are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes without explicit written permission).
I often note a minimum number of images per package.¬† This is because I tend to over-deliver, but want us both to be clear about what number you’re guaranteed to receive.¬† That way, if it’s a rainy day, or you’re feeling off, we are both clear in our expectations.
– Images will be delivered to you via Dropbox (or a similar file delivery service) in print and web sizes, to make life easier for you.
РI aim to get all images back to you within the week, but can sometimes end up taking 2 weeks.  Please book early if you want to guarantee image delivery within a few days (helpful for social media promo).

* Yes, I used the same word twice in a row in my first sentence.  Sorry.

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