What’s your story – and will it be remembered?

I love films.  I think they’re the best thing to have ever happened to mankind (apart from music and books).  There’s nothing like an excellent story with good visuals to evoke emotions and memories.

As humans, we easily see the beauty in happy endings – but also find magic in the painful moments of a story.  Loss, laughter, and love all take up equal importance in our minds and hearts.

But what about your story?  Do you embrace the parts of yourself that you don’t like?  How will you share the memories of who you currently are in the future, if you don’t have an accurate depiction of all that you are in your photos?

My name is Melissa Nathalia de Blok.  In another world, I sing and dance – but in this one, I write and photograph in an effort to encourage more self-love and truth in the world.  To me, vulnerability is a superpower (silliness, too – see pic of me with Sir Richard Branson) – and self-love is a practice.

Although my bio is a heartfelt blog post, you might be getting a little bit bored of reading all this blah about me.  Understandable.

So here’s some stuff that I curated for you to check out (anything pink is a link):

For people who want to dip their toes, I write to help you live in truth and love who you are, just a little more.  My most popular post is on the lessons I learned from severe burn-out, but you can generally find all the helpful content I write by clicking here.  If you’d rather just see the entire blog, click here.

For those who are ready to commit, invest, and take action – I offer unique photography experiences that remind you of your self-worth, your beauty, and most importantly: your truth.  It might sound crazy – but you really can love yourself and your life more through a photo-shoot.  Not just any average photo-shoot, of course – but if you’re willing to face yourself (and the bits you don’t like) – then I’m here to help you take action on your self-love journey.

Depending on your needs, we can do a simple portrait shoot – or go all out and create a bespoke experience that honours everything about you.

If you’re not quite sure what photography can do for you, you can have a look at my own personal journey with photography.

If any of this resonates – do say hello.  I’m based in Kenya but travel often – I might be in your city right now!  Alternatively, you could also just exit this page, and forget we ever met.  But what fun would that be?

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